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Government Costs and Responsibilities

Following a year of information gathering by a working group, The Montgomery County League has approved (May 2015) a study of the government responsibilities and costs of Montgomery County and the Towns of Blacksburg and Christiansburg.

Government Costs and Responsibilities, Montgomery County

The study group is meeting monthly at the Blacksburg Presbyterian Church. Members interested in the topics are urged to join the study group. To join the study, email Phyllis or phone her: Home: 540/552-4848; Cell: 540/392-6648.

The study will take time, but it should be well worth doing, as funding for local services is becoming more and more of a challenge.

Topics to be explored

1. Under the Virginia code, what are the government responsibilities of Counties and Towns? What are the expenditures of Montgomery County and the towns of Blacksburg and Christiansburg to carry out these responsibilities?

2. How are the County and the Towns now raising revenue to fund these responsibilities? Under Virginia code, what are the revenue sources allowed for Towns, Cities and Counties? How can the County and its Towns best raise revenue to fund these responsibilities?

3. How would a change to city status of one or both towns change the revenue and obligations of the 3 governments?

4. Would the benefits of consolidation of all 3 governments into one government be worth the various costs of doing it?

6. Is there another solution (e.g. changes in state code) to the budget problems of Montgomery County and counties in Virginia with similar problems?