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Studies: LWV-MC, LWV-VA


The Montgomery County League has approved a study on the funding of government responsibilities in Montgomery County. A study of the Freedom of Information Act was completed in 2014. Local members may participate in a new statewide study of the impact of fracking in Virginia.


"Studies" form the foundation for the League's "Program." "Program" refers to those governmental issues that the League considers important enough to warrant taking action. "Studies" are also an important tool for educating both members and the public on particular issues that are of interest to League. See a fuller discussion of studies.

Current and Recent Studies

Government Funding: Montgomery County Government Costs and Responsibilities in Montgomery County and the Towns of Blacksburg and Christiansburg, approved 2015

Impact of Fracking in Virginia, Study beginning in 2015

Freedom of Information Act, Study Completed in 2014

Impact of Fracking in Virginia

The Virginia League is initiating a two-year study of fracking in Virginia.

Call for Volunteers
Frances Schutz, Program Director for the Virginia League sent a call for volunteers to serve on this state committee. Should you want to be on the committee, contact Frances at Frances wants responses before July 10, 2015.

If you volunteer, please also let the Montgomery County League know: Mary Houska

Reason for this study
The current LWVVA natural resource positions do not address recent developments in Virginia of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") and energy pipelines. Fracking affects health as well as natural resources. Fracking and pipeline effects go beyond the current LWVVA positions. The effects should be included in Virginia positions and in the background/history.

The scope of the study may include: Impacts of water withdrawal on ground water and surface water supplies; impacts of inadequate treatment of wastewater from fracking on drinking water; health, safety and ecological effects of natural gas pipeline and/or rail transport of shale oil through Virginia.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Have FOIA regulations kept up with or addressed changes in technology? Among the issues are changes in new technologies; changes in state laws; and meeting and exceeding minimum standard. See Freedom of Information Act, Study Completed in 2014