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Redistricting Initiatives

What is gerrymandering? Can nonpartisan redistricting end political gridlock?

Read Redistricting, by Gibson and Scoble, for more information on the importance of redistricting and the consequences of gerrymandering.

One Virginia 2021 is pursuing a nonpartisan redistricting process for Virginia.

See the text of the redistricting lawsuit filed in Richmond 2015 with some LWV members as plaintiffs.

See a video of the January 26 panel on redistricting, featuring Dwayne Yancey, Jim Shuler, William H. Fralin, Jr., and Jason Kelly.

One Virginia 2021--Virginians for Fair Redistricting

The goal of One Virginia 2021 is districts drawn to support communities of interest rather than the interests of the incumbent politicians--of any party.

One Virginia 2021 advocates for the adoption of an amendment to the Virginia Constitution establishing a redistricting process that is fair, transparent, and accountable to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

In three phases beginning in 2014 and completed in 2021, a constitutional amendment will be drafted and introduced to the General Assembly. Maps will be drafted by an independent commission following the 2020 census and then voted into law.

Principles of One Virginia 2021

Public participation. We believe districts should be drawn with citizens' interest in mind, encouraging healthy debate and public participation in the process.

Independence. Reform proposals need to remove conflicts of interest and have the primary task of redistricting done through an appointed commission or impartial body that is independent from the General Assembly.

Objective, non-partisan districting criteria. District boundaries need to be drawn around legal and demographic criteria that ignore political interests.

Transparency. The process must be open to public inquiry and input. Citizens deserve to know the decisions behind the creation of their districts and have the opportunity to make their opinions known in the process.

Resources on Redistricting

Editorial: Prospects of bipartisan redistricting in Virginia, Roanoke Times, January 24, 2015.

Editorial: Soviet-Style Elections, Roanoke Times, June 7, 2015.

Redistricting: In Search of a Better Solution, by Bob Gibson and Matt Scoble. Virginia Town & City: The Magazine of the Virginia Municipal League, June 2014.

Panel considers gerrymandering and redistricting: Lois Page reports on a Loudoun LWV forum December 2014, featuring Greg Lucyk of OneVirginia 2021, Meg Heubeck, Director, UVA Center for Politics and Youth Leadership, and Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science at Mary Washington University.

McAuliffe Panel Recommends Redistricting Reforms, Richmond Times Dispatch, December 19, 2014.