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Town of Christiansburg

Christiansburg has an area of 14,144 square miles and a population of approximately 22,000 (2015 census). It is the county seat.
Municipal Building, 100 East Main Street, 24073 382-6128
FAX numbers:
Municipal Building-Town Manager (540) 382-7338
Treasurer (540) 382-3762
Engineer, Planning, Building Inspectors (540) 381-7238

Town Council

Town Council meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays each month, 7:00 p.m., and are open to the public. Meetings are televised on Channel 190, Shentel.

D. Michael Barber
, 381-0060 (12/31/21)

Vice Mayor
Samuel M. Bishop
, 382-5521 (12/31/19)

Council Members Term Expires
Harry Collins, 815-1126 12/31/19
Steve Huppert, 382-6593 12/31/21
Henry Showalter, 449-1749 12/31/19
Merissa M. Sachs, 257-0158 12/31/21
Bradford J. "Brad" Stipes, 381-0784 12/31/21


Municipal Building, 100 East Main Street, 24073, 540-382-6128

Town Manager Randy Wingfield 382-6128 x1119
Assistant to the Town Manager Adam Carpenetti 382-6128 x1163
Engineering & Special Projects Wayne 0. Nelson 382-6120 x1147
Clerk of Council Michele Stipes 382-6128
Attorney Guynn & Waddell, P.C. 387-2320
Chief Financial Officer Valerie Tweedie 382-9519 x1123
Building Official Jerry Heinline 382-6120 x1152
Building Inspectors Joey Penca, William Yager 382-6120 x1186, 1181
Fire Department Marshall/Chief Billy Hanks 382-4388
Human Resources Dave Brahmstadt 382-6128 x1148
Parks & Recreation Brad Epperley 382-2349 x2001
Planning Andrew Warren 382-6120 Ext. 130
Police Chief Mark Sisson 382-3131
Public Relations Melissa Powell 382-6128 x1150
Public Works Jim Lancianese 382-1151 x6002
Rescue Squad Captain Joe Coyle 382-9131
Waste Treatment Plant Ryan Hendrix 382-8221
Recreation Commission, Chair Diane Fenton
Board of Zoning Appeals, Chair James Stewart
Aquatic Advisory Board Chair Jeremy Williams

Christiansburg Planning Commission

Jennifer Sowers, Chair,

Taxes & Licenses

See tax rates at

Real Property Tax. Assessments for property within the town boundaries are supplied by the County Commissioner of Revenue. The rate in 2017 is $0.16 per $100 of assessed value (100% Fair Market Value). Taxes are due and payable December 5.

Personal Property Tax. The County Commissioner of Revenuesupplies assessments for personal property taxes for Christiansburg residents. The tax rate is $0.45 per $100 of assessed value (100% Loan Value). This tax is due December 5.

Motor Vehicle License. The minimum fee for automobiles is $32.00 for residents of the town, payable annually by December 5.

Stormwater Utility Fee. Residential Customers: $6; nonresidents: tiered rates

Meals Tax. A 7.5% meals tax (in addition to the state sales tax of 5.3%) is applied to the purchase of any prepared food and drink, or alcoholic beverages, whether bought in a restaurant, fast food establishment, convenience store, deli, or other place of business.
Transient Lodging Tax. A 9% lodging tax (in addition to the state sales tax of 5.3%) is applied to the total amount paid for lodging.

Refuse end Recycling. Refuse curbside collection minimum $34.00 (inside limits) / $51.00 (outside) on bimonthly basis. Recycling accepted for glass, plastic, steel, newspapers, mixed papers and aluminum containers at Home Depot, the Gateway Shopping Plaza, High School and the Betty Drive drop-off point.
   The semi-annual Spring and Fall Cleanups are held during the first two weeks (approximate) of April and October. The Town will pick up most trash and junk with the exception of construction materials and heavy machinery. There is a limit of four tires and two appliances per household.

   Leaf collection is provided within corporate limits twice per year during the months (approximate) of November and March.

   Each spring the Town participates in a Household Hazardous Waste Day for the proper disposal of household chemicals (in the early spring).

Cigarette Tax. $.40 per pack of 20 cigarettes.

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