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Town of Blacksburg

Blacksburg has an area of 19.4 square miles and a population of approximately 44,000. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University located in Blacksburg has an enrollment of about 29,000; approximately 9,000 students live on campus.
Town council meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Blacksburg Municipal Building and are open to the public.

Town Council

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Ron Rordam 803 Draper Rd. 552-0698 12/31/17
Leslie Hager-Smith 906 Allendale Ct. 961-0698 12/31/19
Susan Anderson 700 Preston Ave. 951-2013 12/31/17
John Bush 203 Wharton St. SE 951-5116 12/31/19
Krisha Chachra 1622 Honeysuckle Dr. 818-6452 12/31/17
Cecile Newcomb 203 Turner St NE
Apt #1
267-6358 12/31/17
Michael Sutphin 611 Progress St. 257-4951 12/31/19


Municipal Building 961-1100
P.O. Box 90003, 300 S. Main Street, Blacksburg, VA 24062-9003
FAX 951-2180

Town Manager Marc Verniel 961-1130
Deputy Town Manager--Operations Steven Ross 961-1130
Deputy Town Manager--Community Development Christopher Lawrence 961-1130
Town Clerk Donna Boone-Caldwell 961-1147
Town Attorney Lawrence Spencer 961-1146
Community Relations Manager Heather Browning 961-1199
Director of Finance Susan Kaiser 961-1109
Director of Engineering & GIS Randy Formica 961-1122
Director of Planning & Building Anne McClung 961-1126
Chief of Police Anthony Wilson 961-1152
Director of Public Works Kelly Mattingly 961-1141
Director of Parks & Recreation Dean Crane 961-1135
Fire Department Chief Bobby Carner 961-1175
Rescue Squad Chief David English 961-1189
Transit Manager Tom Fox 443-7100 ext 2051
Technology Director Steve Jones 961-1130 x2051

Blacksburg Planning Commission

Don Langrehr, Chair,
Jerry Ford, Jr.
J.B. Jones, Jr.
Melissa Jones,
Paul Lancaster,
Elizabeth Moneyhun,
Cecile Newcomb,

Blacksburg Taxes & Licenses

See taxes.

Real Property Tax. Assessments for property within the Town boundaries are supplied by the County Commissioner of Revenue. The tax is applied to real property only and not personal property. The tax rate for FY 2017 is $0.25 per $100 of assessed value (100 percent Fair Market Value). Taxes are due and payable on June 5 and December 5.

Motor Vehicle License Fee. The automobile license fee for Town residents is $25.00 per vehicle and is due January 1.

Consumer Utility Tax. A 20% tax is levied on utilities with a maximum of $3.00 tax per month on electric and natural gas consumption. Utility companies collect these taxes in the monthly bill.

Water and Sewer Rates. Fixed charge: water $3.09 (inside limits) $5.39 (outside), Sewer $3.12 (inside) $5.45 (outside). Charges per 1,000 gallons· Water $5.21/$9.09. Sewer $5.43/$9.50.

Stormwater Utility Fee. This residential fee of $6 per month supports infrastructure improvements and water quality.

Refuse and Recycling. $22.20 monthly; weekly curbside pickup. Place all refuse in the blue cart provided by Waste Industries. All mixed paper and commingled containers can be recycled at curbside. Place shredded paper in a paper or plastic bag. The Town provides refuse and recycling customers with Spring and Fall Cleanup with Brush Collection, Christmas Tree Collection, and Leaf Collection. Each spring, the Town participates in a Household Hazardous Waste Day for proper disposal of household chemicals. More information: 961-1806,, or

Meal Tax. A 6% meals tax (in addition to the State sales tax of 5.3%) is applied to the purchase of any prepared food and drink, whether bought in a restaurant, fast food establishment, convenience store, deli, or other place of business.

Transient Lodging Tax. a 7% lodging tax (in addition to the state sales tax of 5.3%) is applied to the total amount paid for lodging.

Homestay Taxes. Homestay is the rental of residential property (your home), or a portion of it, to guests for short term stay. Often homeowners use web-based platforms such as AirBnB, Cragislist or HomeAway for advertising and booking of this type of short term or transient rental. As of January 1, 2017, this type of rental activity is allowed in the Town of Blacksburg subject to standards adopted by Town Council. To qualify, you must (i) be the property owner and (ii) live in the home you plan to rent. There are other requirements related to the number of times you may rent your home in a year, host and guest information, and guest safety standards. Lodging taxes must be paid for this type of rental. See homestay

Cigarette Tax.$.30 per pack of 20 cigarettes.